Equipment, what a headache! What are we having? How many socks? What waterproof jacket? High shoes or low shoes? Reflex or compact? [...] Enough to pull your hair out before you stop on the right decision! Here no influences we just tell you our choices. Moreover, when you go around the world everything is, above all, a question of weight! For every thing you want to buy, it's always the same question: how much does it weigh? And you go crazy: "What 610g for a jacket?! but it's too heavy! ». Yes it's silly, but after all we're going to carry our house on our back for several months so if we can take more for the same weight, we don't hesitate! But be careful because there is also the technique! We have become technical clothing professionals: we know everything about Novadry technology, symbols of waterproofing or breathing. There's everything in the stores, which doesn't really help us because we could stay there for hours! We squat at Décathlon almost every weekend, we spot and then we look at the reviews on the internet and compare prices. And yes, it's quite a program and an organization to buy something! PS: We haven't bought everything yet but we already know about what to take. Namely that since we start with Asia, we don't immediately bother with big equipment. We'll buy big coats and hot equipment later.


For Anne: - 1 lightweight waterproof hooded jacket - 1 windproof fleece with thin hood - 1 vest - 2 short sleeve t-shirts - 3 stevedores - 1 warm technical t-shirt - 1 hiking pants - 1 lightweight cotton wide pants - 1 hiking shorts - 2 shorts (one denim and one cotton) - 1 warm legging (-5 to 5 °) - 5 shortys - 1 bra + 1 bra - 2 pairs of hiking socks - 2 pairs of low socks - 2 pairs of high socks - 3 pairs of shoes, to know everything about our choices -> The shoes - 1 scarf/pareo - 1 swimsuit For Martin: - 1 lightweight, waterproof hooded jacket - 1 Softshell jacket - 1 light sweater - 3 t-shirts - 1 warm technical t-shirt - 1 long-sleeved shirts - 1 hiking pants convertible into shorts - 1 pair of jeans - 1 legging - 5 boxers - 2 pairs of hiking socks - 2 pairs of low socks - 2 pairs of high socks - 3 pairs of shoes - 1 scarf - 1 swimming shorts.


Anne: - 50+10L backpack (Quechua Symbium Access) - Small backpack 22L (Quechua) - Sleeping bag (Lafuma, 12 degrees, ultra compact!) Martin: - Backpack 60+10L (Lowe Alpine) - Small 30L backpack (Quechua) - Sleeping bag (Quechua, 15 degrees: the famous one that everyone takes!) Different for both of us: - 1 silk sheet - 1 Swiss Army knife - 1 headlamp - 1 small flashlight - 1 ventral pocket with ticket cover - 1 inflatable pillow - 1 pair of sunglasses - 1 cap - 2 compression bags for clothing - 3 storage pockets for clothes - 1 universal socket - A travel notebook + pencil - Extra bag to protect our big bag during transport Miscellaneous for both of us: - 1 sewing kit - Code padlocks - 1 set of cards The toilet bag - Dr. Bronner's soap: one each for washing the body, hair, teeth and one for laundry. - Alum stone deodorant - An electric razor and a manual razor - Toothbrushes + toothpaste - Microfiber towels - Cotton stems - Earplugs - Tweezers for depilation - Nail clippers - Moisturizing face and body cream - For Madam: a mini make-up bag (foundation, waterproof mascara) The medicine kit - Sunscreen cream - Hydro-alcoholic hand gel - Dressings and compresses - Mosquito repellent - Medicines - 2 lip balms - Survival blankets - Pair of compression socks


- A compact Sony HX50 camera for Sylvie. He's really a super compact expert! - One Asus tablet - 2 External hard disks (one of 2 tera and one of 1 tera) - Sony AS100V sports camera + remote control - SD cards with gogo - An ACER V3-371-53Z6 laptop (and no we didn't take a Mac Book!) - A Sony a6000 hybrid camera
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