Travelling to Rome

Rome is the epitome of western civilization and was home of several phenomenal personalities. It is here modern and ancient walked sideways at times colliding and at times in consonance. You should discover  all the major attractions of Rome and the beauty of this place. You will feel like life seems so small to enumerate it. Rome is one such place you will definitely fall in love with. Apart from the natural scenic beauty the capital has some of the brilliant architecture, sculpture, monuments, art galleries, museums, churches to display the love affair of Rome with art. The major attractions of the city includes •    St. Peter’s Basilica •    The Colosseum •    Trajan’s Market •    The Pantheon •    Vatican Museums •    Museum of Roman Civilization •    Villa Borghese •    Piazza Barberini and Triton Fountain •    Arch of Septimius Severus •    Baths of Caracalla You can find some really hot and nice places to dine and wine. Rome has various wine cellars where you are offered to taste various wine courses. Also, You will get to visit vineyards, harvesting, fermenting, cider pressing, and witness making of wine. The best way of travelling to Rome is via car as whole of the city is circumscribed by a ring road commonly known as (Raccordo Anulare). This is where all the highways coming from Italy merges and becomes one route. You can also use train route that encompasses whole of the Italy and the capital city too. The main station of capital is Roma Termini and from here all the major long distance trains departs. The capital city has two airports where for whole of the Italian peninsula, Europe, and intercontinental flights services are available. You will be able to track down some of the hottest and chic haunts and cafes of the capital were you can just laze off and spend time seeing people pass by. The magnificence of every infrastructure is such that you cannot resist your self from gaping in awe looking at marvelous artistry of architects. Rome has the best shopping haunts where you can find both the utility and fashionable goods in great price ranges. It seems as if fashion never ends in the city and it seems if you have set your foot once in shopping complexes or flea markets, day would seem to be shorter. You can find popular Italian designer wears old crafts, and wrought iron furniture and decorative pieces.
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