Mobile Internet in New Caledonia

Are you planning a stay in New Caledonia and want to stay connected? Several free or paid solutions will allow you to access the Internet anywhere in New Caledonia. Here are some tips to avoid wasting time on arrival. Please note: New Caledonia is not an overseas department and is therefore not included in the unlimited data/call packages of French and European operators. The cost of roaming is very high, so we advise you to disable your mobile internet during your stay

Buy a SIM card when you arrive

To be connected permanently with your mobile and anywhere in New Caledonia (82% of the territory available in 4G), the easiest way is to get a "Tourism card" SIM card when you arrive, you can buy a prepaid SIM card in advance like those available at for instance.

Where to buy a SIM card with data?

- At Nouméa La Tontouta airport: OPT-NC counter, located in the main lobby at the departure level (open for each flight) - In all OPT branches in New Caledonia - In the majority of Mobilis partner stores

Prices, services and validity

Tourism card SIM cards are activated directly on site and allow you to make international calls, send SMS messages and access the mobile Internet, on Grande Terre and on the islands.
  • Validity of the card: 3 months maximum
  • Price: 3180 XPF (or 26,70€)
  • Included: 1500 XPF (12,60€) of credit usable in calls, SMS and data (3G/4G, VoIP)
  • Required document: valid passport or CNI
You can buy credit refills anywhere in New Caledonia and on the Internet to re-credit your Internet quota.

Book a 4G Wi-Fi Pocket PC

If you want to be able to keep your usual SIM card and share the connection with several people at the same time, it is possible to rent a "Pocket WIFI" box during your stay. This modem, which operates via the 4G network, will allow you to quickly access the Internet anywhere in New Caledonia and very easily!

How to book and retrieve a Pocket Wi-Fi?

  1. Book your Pocket Wi-Fi online at
  2. Go to the "ncpocketWi-Fi" counter when you arrive at the airport (the counter is located in the main hall opposite the departure counters) to sign your rental contract and pick up your box.
Delivery and return to your hotel are also possible on request.

Prices, services included

The price of renting a Pocket Wi-Fi varies from 1190 XPF (10€) to 590 XPF (5€) per day depending on the length of your stay. Rates are available on this page. Whatever the duration of your package: - No quota for internet (unlimited data) - 4G Broadband Internet access - Shared connection for up to 5 devices - VOIP possible (ex: Whatsapp or Messenger)

Use public Wi-Fi networks

Whatever your type of accommodation, the vast majority of tourist establishments in New Caledonia are equipped with high-performance Wi-Fi networks, most of which are completely free or included in your stay. In Nouméa, several public Wi-Fi terminals allow you to connect to the Internet for free: - Downtown: Place des Cocotiers, ferry terminal, Quai Ferry tourist office, municipal market, Baie de la Moselle - Close to the beaches: Anse-Vata (park), Anse-Vata tourist office - Georges Brunelet Park, Ouen Toro Park It should also be noted that most of the bars in Anse-Vata and Baie des Citrons offer Internet access.
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