It depends on the number of countries you have defined, the budget and your willingness. If we wanted to, we could leave and never come back... but good for a first trip it wasn't our goal, although it could still change! As far as we're concerned, at first we didn't know at all how long we could leave. Since we don't have a job to do, we just have a "budget limit". For us, it was out of the question to ask ourselves three days per country. To visit a country, you need time to understand its culture, meet the people and enjoy the local pleasures. Basically, we therefore chose to stay 1 month in the "cheapest" countries, in other words in Asia. Well, it's been five months already, and then what? After that, Indonesia and New Zealand being more expensive, we initially opted for 25 days each (which was finally rounded up to 30 days). And for South America, we have chosen to reserve one month for Bolivia and one month for Argentina. All right, in the end it's been almost a month in each country! As for Brazil, we chose it mainly because it is the most practical way out to return to France and Benji wanted to see Rio de Janeiro at all costs (so we know we won't stay there long).
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