If some people prefer to go headlong with their bags on their backs, we have chosen a more thoughtful method with a minimum of preparation. But then what should we think about before going on a world tour? Well... to a lot of things! The budget and itinerary initially, then the flight tickets, bank charges, vaccines, equipment and the termination of all subscription contracts. We'll also have to return the apartment and dispatch the things we want to pick up when we get back. You have to think about work: sabbatical year, conventional break-up or resignation, notify family and friends, face criticism and questions etc.... The preparations are also quite a time to respect: - 8 months before departure: plan an itinerary, set a budget and a departure date - 6 months before departure: appointment with the doctor to make a vaccination plan, flight ticket estimate, change of credit card, website launch - 3 months before departure: apartment notice, international permit, airfare, vaccinations - 1 month before departure: visas, start of material purchase, termination of contracts, insurance - 2 weeks before departure: power of attorney to relatives, photocopies of all administrative documents, sell our belongings - 1 week before departure: moving - 2 days before departure: celebrate with all our loved ones! The philosophy followed: "Although we are organized (it is well known: accountants are'square' ^^^), we know that once we leave everything will not go as planned. We plan things to reassure ourselves and have a "plan" but we intend to let our instincts guide us once we get there. We don't know how much time we'll spend at each stage, it will depend on how we feel there! ยป On that note, we hope to answer all your questions (which we also asked ourselves before leaving) so that our world tour no longer has any secrets for you and to help you too to get started! Because a world tour is accessible to all those who can afford it. Enjoy your visit and don't hesitate to leave us comments with your questions and comments!
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