Amsterdam: the place where past and present meets

It is  Europe’s most happening tourist destination. Amsterdam is one place where youth gets revived even in old and worn out bones. It is one of the hip places in whole of the Europe with cool pubs and clubs to dance the night out. If you really want to enjoy the tranquil air and scenic beauty of this city, take a walking or bicycle tour which will be in a way rejuvenating for you. The center of the city is decked with 17th century architecture and it seems as if you have really been transported to the past century. This is the only place that shows the sign of ancient history and rest of the Amsterdam is heaven for free spirited young people. It has the coolest and happening destinations where you can enjoy your time at its best. You can travel and see whole of the Amsterdam on traditional touring Holland bicycles with helmet on your head. It’s a real fun! Cycling round the city and enjoy the scenic beauty and canal view en route. You can carry a knapsack along and keep it in the luggage rack placed right in front of the handles.  This will be helpful in carrying some important stuff that you may need on the way. You can as well get to know some reliable shops from were you can take bicycles on rent. Best accommodations are available in the city. You can try out bed and breakfast or some nice and clean hostels located on the outskirts of the city providing all the required amnesties in affordable price range. Amsterdam is one of the places where one can find queer amalgamation of medieval and hip culture. At one side of the city you will find 17th century edifices and on the other you will find party culture treading the nights of the city. There are beautiful parks including Vondelpartk where one can enjoy watching afternoon strollers. It’s lively and cheerful place whole day long. Some live music concerts are always on play somewhere in the corner of the park. This is the perfect place to spend your afternoons and evenings lazily. The most beautiful and mesmerizing view to behold can be seen at canals lining with lush green trees, cobbled pathways, old worm out houses, and big green parks. The city has many major attractions and activities that one can enjoy in this beautiful place.  You should try some of the popular eating outlets and joints where you will be treated with mouth- watering cuisines. And, if you are a man of varied tastes who would love to taste the native food and wine, then you should visit Amsterdam.
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